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Lucile Parker was born in the west side of Ontario, and for many years she had to learn the hard way to maintain a family and work. As a single mom, she lives her life and dedicates all to raising her children and maintaining a house.

She found a job as a parking enforcement and has been doing this for the last 4 years. Additionally, she supervises tiles installation for a company in her spare time. She was taught to manage a lot of work, that’s why Lucile was committed to learn flooring installation and be able to share what she learned.

Step by Step

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As time passed by, she gathered so much information that she felt like sharing it with other people, especially moms like her, to be able to one day become financially independent. Euro Ceramics came to her mind, as with a virtual magazine it was easier to learn and spread such information.

After some time and savings, finally, Lucile was able to start working on her new project. With the help of some friends, coworkers, and her higher-ups as well, she finally launched the virtual magazine.

Euro Ceramics Solutions

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This magazine is related to flooring and wall tile solutions, with easy installation steps and access to most providers to make it easy for you. With our reviews, you can learn which method to use and how to develop it. Also, we offer content that covers, DIY installation processes, tips, and recommendations when it comes to choosing the best solutions.

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