Euro Ceramics is a non-profit magazine that has a dedicated team that works every day on handling information to any user. Our main goal is to bring opportunities to others who can’t easily access crucial information about flooring and tile installation.

All the help we receive from our followers and advertisement partners is used to help our writing team and other non-profit organizations we are associated with. Those associations focus on supporting victims of domestic violence in Canada.

Benefits of Advertisement with Euro Ceramics

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A good reason to advertise with us is the visualization of your brand on our website and all the organizations we are part of. Your business or brand will be known among other tile and flooring companies. We will place banners for everybody to see, increasing your sales and user base.

We will also provide customized advertisement videos depending on the plan you choose. You’ll get both ad videos and special promotional banners.

However, it is aimed at those who have established companies as well who want to support others, get even more followers, and improve their sales.

Best Plans

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Our plans are affordable for small companies starting to promote their business. All our content is public, but VIP clients will receive special content like interviews of flooring providers, offering their best brands and information on where to buy from them. Advertise with us to raise profits and enjoy the special rewards we offer each month to our clients.

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